Tips for Playing Craps

Tips on playing Craps

Craps Hints and Tips

Keep it simple: Focus on one or two basic bets that you're comfortable with, and ignore the others. There are a lot of possible bets in craps, but you'll enjoy it more, and have a better game, if you're not making two dozen bets every round.

No "don't pass" bets (or at least, don't be loud about them!): If you bet on the "don't pass" line, you're betting against the shooter, a fellow player, and everyone at the table who is betting on him. You won't make many friends that way. If you absolutely must place a "don't pass" bet, don't be loud if you win.

Aim the dice correctly: There's a small flat area below the rail on most craps tables where there isn't any foam. If you can hit this area, you increase your odds of making your point. Hold the dice in one hand with the number you want face up, then throw the dice (don't roll them!) at the flat area. The patterned foam is there to make sure that the dice roll is truly random, so even if you're not an expert roller, avoiding the foam spikes can help you.

Full odds are good: When you bet the pass line, go for the maximum bet once the point has been rolled. If the casino you're playing in has "full odds," you'll be able to bet three times the pass line bet for 4 and 10, four times the pass line bet for 5 and 9, and five times the pass line bet for 6 and 8.

"Come" on: Place "come" bets for action on every throw of the dice. "Come" bets are like pass line bets, but you can place them on non-come-out throws. When the new point is established, you can, and should, put odds on it. When a shooter is having a long roll, a steady placement of come bets and odds can be a great way to a big win!

Always pick up your winnings: Always, always, always pick up your winnings. If you don't, you may be making bets that you didn't intend. Many bets (including place bets) stay active until you ask a dealer to take them down, or until a 7 is rolled. Don't forget; always pick up your winnings!

There is a time to be loud: If a dealer is too busy to take your bet when a shooter is just about to roll, call out your bet loudly enough that it can be heard. Even if your bet isn't on the table, most casinos consider it booked when a dealer hears it. So make sure that the dealer does hear it.

Don't place "house bets": The bets on the center layouts carry house edges of up to 16%. Stay away from these "house bets" or "proposition bets"!!! The dealer may yelp when one of these bets pay off, but just ignore that - dealers are trained to "sell" these bets.

First time? Sex matters!: Craps has its own set of superstitions. If you're a first time, "virgin" shooter, be aware that others may see a woman first-time shooter as good luck for the table. Being a male first-timer is a whole different matter. They're often seen as bringing bad luck to everyone. So, if you're a guy and it's your first time, keep that fact to yourself!

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