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Craps Betting Strategy

Craps Strategy

In craps. A betting strategy is more about money management and self-control than it is about a definite system of betting. Craps is less structured than roulette, and it's more random than blackjack, so it's hard to come up with definite rules on betting. One basic craps strategy is to bet the pass line.

This approach can take time before wins and losses are certain, and this delay makes many people impatient. They begin to make more bets and bet more than they should. Proposition (or "house") bets should definitely be avoided, (as should doubles). The house has a massive edge on these bets, and putting money on them is one sure way to lose your stake fast. Whatever you do, have a money management and game strategy in mind before you sit down to play. Then stick with it !.

craps betting strategy

Managing Your Bankroll

Are you being realistic at the craps table? Many people bring $100 to the table and expect to double or triple it. That can be done, but it takes a large amount of luck and a lot of knowledge about the game. According to the experts, a more reasonable goal is 20% over and above your stack. So, if you start with $100, your aim should be to end up with $120 and then walk away from the table.

Think about why you're there. Are you playing craps only to win money; or is it entertainment, a way to enjoy yourself for a few hours? If it's the former, you're probably in for disappointment. Gambling should be entertainment, and any money won during your time playing should be a bonus. If you only bet what you can afford to lose, you can walk away having had a good time, and knowing that you haven't lost more than you should have.

Ride Your Luck

I strongly believe in luck. If you do too, use it to your advantage. Suppose you win while playing the 6's and 8's. Take your winnings as you normally would, but unless you tell the dealer to take it down, your original bet will remain on the table. Since you've already recouped your original bet, the money now on the table the table is a "free bet." If you win again, you might want to tell the dealer to "press it." (If you're playing online, you'll have to do this yourself.) By "pressing it," you're doubling the bet since your winnings are now placed on top of the previous bet. Keep in mind that you've already retrieved enough to cover your first bet, and that this is now a free bet. Why not take advantage of it? If you lose, you'll have your original amount back in your pocket. If you win, you'll get double your free bet. You can build a nice bankroll this way.

The same idea can be used can be used in other games, especially in blackjack when the cards are running your way. The best strategy is to gamble with your winnings, not your original stake. Craps, like every other game in the casino, has a house advantage. That means that people who try to sell you a surefire craps system or theory are - to be polite - talking though their hats.

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Craps betting strategy - Winning Craps Strategy and using the best craps odds along with craps rules helps you to play the best craps strategy you can play. Basic craps strategy is all about money management. Get your money in order and winning with a craps betting strategy should be easy.