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Slot machines can be found in almost every casino, online and off. They offer hours of exciting play and the thrill of tremendous jackpots. And there is a smart way to play these machines. These hints and tips will help you get the most of your time playing slots

Payouts differ - Pay attention to the “pay table” on each machine. Even machines that look alike may pay different jackpots. What would you rather get – a jackpot of 2,000 credits or a jackpot of 15,000? The odds against getting the 15,000 payoff are undoubtedly higher than the odds of getting the 2,000 one, but you should know the maximum payoff before you put money into the machine

No machine is “hot” or “due” – Slot machines are randomized for each and every spin. A machine can’t be hot, or due, or on a roll. Randomness is hardwired into the system.

Some machines are “tight” or “loose.” – The good news is that even no machine is “hot,” some can be programmed to pay out a higher or percentage of money put into them. Usually, the higher-denomination slots ($.25, $1, $5 or more) are looser than the penny or nickel slots. They keep a sometimes significantly smaller percentage as their house edge. Loose machines are often placed in high-visibility place, so that the wins on them can be widely seen.

Join the players’ club – Membership is free, and can bring real benefits. Always insert your casino’s player card every time you play a slot machine. You’ll earn valuable points each time you play. Some casinos return a portion of these points to you as cashback, making your bankroll last even longer. [Some also allow you to play at several different casinos and rack up points on a central account. Being part of a casino’s player club may also qualify you for special offers as well.]

Always bet the maximum number of credits – It’s deceiving that “penny slots” can require $2.00 to cover every line at the maximum credits per line. But be prepared to bet the maximum on every machine, regardless of whether the maximum is 3 quarters or 200 pennies, because most machines only pay out bonuses or progressive jackpots when you bet the maximum amount. It may also pay to bet maximum credits on a non-progressive machine. The jackpot for the maximum credit bet on a machine is often much, much higher than for a smaller bet.

Watch out for multiple-playline games – Though the sheer number of possible paylines may seem like they offer you better odds, you’re really increasing the odds against you. You pay more to play these games, and the payoffs aren’t as good as when you play single line machines.

If the slot machine will let you, play with coins – Putting coins into the machine, rather than feeding it bills, will give you more playing time. [In some casinos and in online casinos, this option isn’t available, but take advantage of it when it is.]

Go with the higher denomination games – Play the highest denomination slots that your bankroll can afford, since the higher the denomination, the higher percentage of payout.

The IRS has its hands out – Any large gambling win has tax implications. If a casino gives you a tax form with your win, the amount will be reported to the IRS. If they don’t give you a form, you’re the only one who knows that you’ve won.

If your machine seems to be tight, try the one next to you – Industry insiders say that two loose machines are very rarely placed side by side. So, if you’re on a machine that isn’t paying much, it’s possible that a loose one might be right next door.

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