Strategies for slot machines

Slot machine strategies

Strategys of Slots

Slots machines The aim of slots sounds simple: spin the reels and match the symbols across the payline for a win. Keep in mind, though, that slot machines are totally random. Let me repeat that. Slot machines are totally random.

Myths abound about a link between location and how much a particular slot machine pays out. One myth holds that most land-based casinos place a high-payout machine by the entrance so that people going by will hear the winners’ excitement and be lured in. It’s actually much more likely that land-based casinos will broadcast music or the sound of falling coins clinking against a tray to entice you. Most professional gamblers know this.

Does this carry over to on-line games? Really, no. Slot machines use random number generators (RNGs) to decide who gets paid and when they get paid. These RGNs run hundreds of thousands of potentially winning or losing codes every second. The chance of getting a winning code is actually very small. You probably have more chance at the lottery than you do of getting a winning code.

Standard Deviation Slot Machine Strategy

The most famous slot strategy is “standard deviation,” which is limited to machines that have the same payout ratio for all levels of play. If you play 3 quarters ($.75), the jackpot needs to be exactly 3X the jackpot you’d get if you only played one quarter ($.25). Standard deviation slot strategy only works on these machines. You also need to look for high-percentage slot machines. If you find a machine that returns a high percentage of the money paid in to increase your potential win. A machine with about a 98% payout percentage minimizes the house’s advantage. Slot machines

Standard deviation strategy is based on counting the number of spins between payouts. Start with the minimum number of coins that the machine requires for play, and then count every spin until you hit. If you chose 10 wins (a number picked for its simplicity), you would spin the reels and note down the number of spins it took to get a win. (If you’re using this strategy, don’t forget a notepad so you can write the numbers down.) After reaching ten wins, your notepad might have the following series of numbers: 3, 11, 17, 9, 20, 7, 12, 14, 31, and 5. That means that it took you two spins before getting a win on the third (making your number 3), followed by 10 spins of losses with a win on the 11th spin, and so forth.

Add up all of the numbers and divide by the number of wins for your average. In the example above, you had 10 wins in 129 spins. You’ll see that 129 divided by 10 is 12.9. Your standard deviation is 12.9. If you hoped to find the best time to play maximum coins would be around the 13th reel spin. You might want to consider playing maximum chips from the 10th to the 15th spins, which spreads the average. It’s not a foolproof method, but it does give you the benefits of a mathematical formula to play in.

Beware! Anyone offering you a winning formula or slots “secrets” and says that their system will guarantee you vast winning is talking utter bunk. The only one who will profit from these so-called miracle system is them – when they take your money and give you nothing!

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