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Roulette Strategy Many people arenít aware that there are two different types of roulette wheels: the European version that has a single zero, and the American version with a single zero and a double zero. The American version has twice the house advantage of the European one! Avoid playing on an American wheel, with its edge of about 5.25%, in favor of the European one, with its edge of about 2.7%. Thatís the most basic form of strategy Ė There you go a small fortune saved in the first paragraph!

No matter what youíve heard or read, there are no winning roulette strategies! Whether it hurts or not, the fact remains that no roulette strategy is going to make you rich Ė itís mathematically impossible. Itís worth repeating, so let this sink in: itís mathematically impossible. The odds are always (and I mean always!) in favor of the casino. The zero and the double zero are there to give the casino the advantage. Itís how they make money; itís how they stay in business; itís how they build those palaces of casinos. Itís 100% certain that you wonít find a winning roulette system.

Among professional gamblers, the roulette is known as the ďkiss of death.Ē The house edge always beats out any profits gamblers make. Roulette is a game of chance and a way to enjoy yourself. Donít go to the table thinking that youíre going to win a fortune because the numbers dictate that you wonít. That doesnít mean that you wonít ever win, or that everyone loses. Some people have done well with those 35-1 odds. Overall, though, the losses far exceed the wins.

Iíll admit that I will play the roulette wheel occasionally. If I feel lucky, Iíve had a big win, or I have some spare change, I might play. But then I walk away, whether Iíve won or lost. You should probably do the same. Itís a very popular game of chance Ė so enjoy it and its allure. Itís always nice to have a long-shot spin. Good luck!

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