Slots Cheats

Cheating is the last thing one should choose to do at anything. When gambling online one many persons try to cheat at online games including slot games and even online slots.

Business of Cheating slots

There are over 3 million slots available around the world and they bring in close to 80% of a casinos revenue. So it is not surprising that slot cheaters are preying on these machines and see them as big opportunities. Each year millions of dollars is being stolen from casinos all around the world. Many of the casinos worldwide lose to 100 million dollars annually because of slot cheats. About 96% of cheats are never caught after doing the crime.

For security purposes casinos put surveillance cameras all over casino which are pointed towards elevators, doors, table games. Most big casino keeps thousands of slot machines and keeping a look at them is absolutely not possible and slot cheats make use of this opportunity. Expert Cheats make use of this opportunity by moving from slot machine to slot machine constantly in an effort to avoid being seen as suspicious. Novice slot machine cheats are being trained by old cheaters so that daily new faces are seen in casino and security cannot notice or doubt a particular person. These are the strategies that slot cheats use so as to for not get caught.

Slot cheat teams steal more than $1000 per hour using various cheating methods and devices. In about a year slot cheats make almost $750,000 and only work for no more than five days per week. By employing various methods a troop of cheaters can draw $1000 per hour. Cheating devices are available in the black market and even online. Many simple Slot machine cheating devices can be bought for minimal amounts of money. More complex cheating devices can be had from internet and even black market in a price range up to $25000.

Various Cheating ways at Slots

Some of the cheating ways are used widely by slot cheats include ‘The monkey’s paw, using coat Hanger to Cheat, Mini-lights, Counterfeit Tokens, Shaved Coins, and Coins on strings’.

Slot Cheating’s Prospect

In recent years advanced slot machines are now totally depending on computer circuitry rather than on internal machinery, thus making cheating more and more difficult for thieves. Now players need to insert an electronic card into the slot and bet credits instead of putting coins in the slot machine like earlier. The whole idea of coin comparator is getting removed. This is also true even for some free slots.

But no matter what slot machines manufacturer do the cheaters will keep on looking for new ways of cheating and continue stealing money from slot machines.

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