Tips on playing black jack

Blackjack Gambling Tips

Tips for playing Black jack

Try playing multiple hands – There’s less variation in playing multiple hands, even though you might bet more on each hand. Your bankroll has a much better chance of making your bankroll last, especially if you’re working on winning a bonus

Soft hand? Double against a dealer’s breaking card – If you come up with a soft 18 (A-7), there’s a good chance that you can double your money if you double against a dealer’s breaking card (2-6). You can also double on a soft 19 (A-8) if you’re feeling bold, but only against a dealer’s 6. It’s a bit scary but it’s a long-term winning play.

After a win, press your bet – Doubling your bet after your first win, and then adding a little more after each win, is one way to win faster at blackjack. Once you lose a hand, go back to your minimum bet, and if you hit a cold streak, decrease your bets.

Make sure your bankroll is big enough – It’s not uncommon in blackjack to have large swings before you get to a moderate win. You want to be playing with only a small [part of your bankroll.

Set a reasonable winning goal - Experts suggest that you aim for a win of about 30% of your bankroll. So with a $500 bankroll, a good goal is $150.Remember that the more you try to win, the better your chances of going broke before you reach your goal.

“Casual counting” can help – Even if you’re not a pro at card counting, you can use the principle that the pros use to get an edge. This only works in games that aren’t using a continuous shuffle, look for groups of 10 or more smaller cards (6 or less). Once that happens, increase your bet since the chances of you getting blackjack or twenty (or of the dealer busting) have just increased.

Know the “golden rules” – Certain plays give the player a tremendous advantage and should always be observed. Always split eights and aces. Never split tens or fives. Always double down on eleven.

If you can, surrender – Some casinos allow you to surrender half your bet after the dealer has checked for blackjack. If you have a 15 or 16, and the dealer has a ten, face card, or ace, this rule works to your advantage. It might be tempting to see if you can get a 5 on your 16,but long-term you lose a lot less money if you surrender.

Make sure you know what a table’s rules are – Every casino has different rules for blackjack. Differing rules include how many decks are used, how often the decks are shuffled, when you can double, how often you can split, and when the dealer splits. You want to play at tables with fewer decks, where the dealer where the dealer stands on a soft 17, where you can double on any two cards and after splitting, and where you can do a “late surrender.” Don’t be fooled, though. Some casino offer lower payoff on blackjack (usually 6-5) in exchange for what seem to be more favorable rules. Don’t play under these circumstances—the increase in the house edge is huge.

Avoid insurance and even-money bets – One “sucker bet” is insurance (a side bet if the dealer is showing an ace). The only exception to this is if you’re card counting and know that there is high percentage of tens and face cards remaining. Even money is a form of insurance where the house offers you even money for a black jack instead of 3:2 if the dealer shows an ace. Both bets are sure losses in the long run.

Online blackjack and bonuses – Blackjack might not be the best game for accumulating bonuses at online casino bonuses, even though it might offer the best statistical odds. Many online casinos require you to play-through at a higher rate with blackjack than for other games. Check the fine print before you play.

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