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Paroli Betting System

Paroli System

With the Paroli betting system, your goal is to increase your bets when you win. The idea is that by doing this you will allow your winning streaks to pay off more, and cut your losses during a losing streak. It is a money management system, as well as being a betting system. Unlike the Labouchere system (which is a negative progressive system), the Paroli betting system is a positive progressive system, which is often used by banks to take advantage of growing areas and compound their interest.

With the Paroli system, you place an original bet on the table. If it wins you let it ride and keep the original stake as well on the table. It pays off well if you win 3 or more bets in a row. The flaw in this system should be obvious. You canít know when your winning streaks are going to continue or end.

The major advantage of this system over the martingale betting system is that when you lose, you start again with your original bet. You donít chase your losses, or double your bet.

Some players have had some success with the Paroli betting system, but it requires tight discipline in your betting, and a willingness to stick to its limits. You have to go into it knowing that if you lose, you accept that loss and walk away from the game. If youíre on a hot streak, enjoy it while it lasts, and then run Ė donít walk! Ė out of the casino with your winnings clutched tightly in your hands.

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